Our team absolutely love what we do, we do it every day with passion. We want to help you get the best out of your images, no matter how big or small. We also want to offer a complete in-house service which not only allows you to receive a complete product, but something you can offer effortlessly offer as a service to your clients – giving you the opportunity to expand your business.
How to send us a file

Just fill in the online form and either share access to your file or upload high resolution file.

For files too large to upload via our form you can email us a Drop Box, We Transfer or Hightail link at Just fill in the online form with your file details, delivery details etc.

If you’d like to know more, want to have a chat or think we can help you, contact us via form and we’ll get back to you.

The files are yours always, and under no circumstances will images be printed unless required to do so by the client (you) or for orders placed. Any information attaining to the client will only be used for what its intended, and files will under no circumstances be copied.

    File Preparation

    File set-up

    Make sure your image is sized correctly to your final print size. For example: if you want an A3 print, your file should be sized to 297mm x 420mm, this should include any border around your image.


    Files should have as resolution of 300dpi or higher at final print size (we can accept files of 240ppi at final print size)

    We accept the following files:

    • JPEG (8bit)
    • PSD
    • TIFF (16bit)

    We do not accept RAW files.

    File images can be sent in either RGB colour space or (CMYK is a bit old school and we don’t use it anymore). Please ensure all files are ‘flattened’.


    Sending Your Files

    You can use our handy upload button or we accept files using:

    • WeTransfer
    • Dropbox (please name your folder ‘Your Name with Image Name)
    • Hightail
    • File Upload via our Order Form


    We cannot accept files embedded / attached to emails unfortunately.

    If your file is incorrect (size, specified border but no border when sent), we will contact you. You can either amend the file yourself and resend it or, with your emailed permission, we can do the final prep for you at $5 per file.


    Registration/crop marks

    We’d love registration lines around the images so we know where to trim (especially handy if you have white borders or have an image that has a lot of white).


    Here’s a little How To:

    1. With the image highlighted now go to “Edit” and down to “stroke” – width 2px, colour black, location ‘outside’, blending normal and opacity 100%
    2. Click “ok”
    3. Go to “layer” and click ‘flatten image”
    4. Go to “save as” and save as a JPEG


    File prep – what??

    Not sure about prepping your files? We can prep your files for you of course! Charges vary depending on the amount of work involved.